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four of them are women. we're live in lafayette where crews are working 24/7 to repair a huge sink hole. we'll tell you how a high-profile contractor is helping to get the work done much faster. and just fired at holiday shoppers inside an oregon mall. witness de scribe the ter fieing moments. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. goods evening. it's tuesday, december 11th. i'm gasia mikaelian and this is bay air y news at 7:00. we begin with coverage of tonight's deadly shooting in a shopping mall in a suburb of portland, oregon. a man opened fire inside clackamas town center killing two people and wounding a third. witnesses say he had a rifle, was wearing camouflage clotheing and a white hockey mask. they said he ran in through macy's and opened fire near the food court. >> i heard two shots and after that i heard about 15, 16 more
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shots and decided that that was gunshots so i hit the floor. >> very quickly the managers started getting everybody away from the entrance of the -- the sears store and closing down the -- you know, the big doors and locking down all the doors. >> investigators reported the gunman had been quote neutralized about two hours later and within just the past half hour, the sheriff's office announce it had gunman shot and killed himself. police in san francisco have five people in custody tonight in connection with a violent crime involving two victims found bound and gagged in the middle of a residential street. david stephenson reports authorities managed to track down the suspects in less than 48 hours. >> san francisco police this afternoon announced arrests and a violent crime that stunned this visitation valley neighborhood. two peerjs one identified today as 26-year-old steven reid, the other de scribed as an 18 to 19-year-old woman were found lying on brus els street sunday night bound and gag and had badly injured. >> the male victim appeared to have blunt force trauma and gunshot wound to the upper body.
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the female victim also appeared to have flunt force trauma. >> reid died later that night at san francisco general hospital. police say the young woman is in critical condition but is recovering. >> investigators followed up on leads that led them to a house in hercules, california where we took into custody five individuals. >> police arrested 32-year-old maelene lints of san francisco and 21-year-old monotrel blackens of oakland on murder charges. 19-year-old tyler miller, 24-year-old heather leach and 22-year-old man na las kis of oakland are charged with accessories to murder. >> it was established there was an extensive relationship between the victims and suspects in this case. >> police aren't saying where the vims were beaten and shot or why they were left in this quiet neighborhood. >> the motive is unknown. it ice part of the investigation process to try to determine what exactly happened with the motive. >> we asked to speak with the suspects being held in jail but
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all declined interviews. the district attorney's office tells us it's reviewing the police case and has 48 hours to decide whether to file charges. and now to developing news out of san jose where police flvthing the shooting death of a teenager. it happened about 3:20 this afternoon on fair haven drive just south of the willow glen neighborhood. police say they were called out on reports of a vehicle accident but when they got there they say they found a 16-year-old boy sufrg from at least one gunshot wound. officer tell us he is san jose's 4th homicide victim of the year. that's a 20-year high for the city. a man was killed in a vehicle crash in santa clara county early this afternoon. the accident happened on mount hamilton road just before 12: sls 15 p.m.. chp says he was driving a pickup truck when he went off the road. weir told the vehicle tumbled 80 to 100 feet to the roadway
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below. the accident happened about 8:00 this morning on east 14th street at 165th avenue. officers say that a toyota camry rear ended another toyota that slamed into the school bus. two 17-year-old special needs stunts that bus and one of the drivers were treat affidavit complaining of pain. police say the driver of the toyota camry was blinded by a frosty windshield and the sun. transportation officials are blaming faulty brakes on a truck for a deadly crash in nevada involving an amtrak train bound for emeryville. six people including the truck driver were killed in this crash last year about 80 miles east of reno. investigators today said the semi skidded 300 feet into the train. the national transportation safety board also conclude the driver may have been distracted but say there wasn't enough evidence to include that in its report. new at 7:00, the repair of a lafayette sink hole is now on a fast track. we're learning the repairs are only expected to take a matter of days now, not months. live near the now-closed mountain view drive with de
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tails on a deal with one contractor that will speed up that job. lorraine. >> gasia, this lafayette neighborhood has dealt with a huge sink hole here since december 2nd. you can see crews right now hard at work. the good news is what they thought would take months is expected to be repaired just in time for christmas with the help of a well-known contractor. >> instead of christmas joy, construction noise. it's been a busy work zone on this tree-lined street in lafayette. since winter storms left a massive sink hole two sundays ago. the combination of high water levels and a clogged drain open a 15-foot deep hole, a problem the city manager didn't think could be solved for months. now the goal sa few weeks thanks to a contractor specializing in emergency repairs. >> from what we understand, cc meyers, inc., inc., is the best in the business and we're happy to have him here in lafayette. >> the sacramento-based company is the best in the area after a gas tanker crashed causing a
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spectacular fire. this project isn't nearly as big, but to neighbors on mountain view road, bringing in a high-profile company sa big relief. >> i can't believe it because they said next spring, and now by christmas? it's going to help a lot of people. >> here's a look at work today from news chopper 2. crews installed a bladder dam to reroute storm water around the failed pipe. next they'll clear the creek. >> then they'll bring in a bunch of really big pipe. 10-foot diameter pipe. each section weighs 42,000 pounds. >> the city says it's the only company it could find to expedite this complicated process. >> plus we don't know what kind of storms we're going to have coming yet so they -- you know, better they get it fixed and take care of the storms. >> the city manager says the maximum cost will be $6 hun thousand. lafayette has applied for emergency funding from the state. live in lafayette, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news.
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right now a public hearing is underway in continue cost county on a plan to shut down four fire stations. the county board is expected to vote tonight on whether to close stations. the debate comes one month after voters rejected a new parcel tax to fund the county central fire district. elected officials from the affected cities want the supervisors to save their fire houses but the county fire chief says he's already cut firefighter pay and there's no other option. >> coming to a fiscal crisis where our reserve funds have been exhausted. >> under the fire chief's proposal, the stations would shut down in early january. the closures would save about 3 million tlr a year. the chief of police in fremont has announced he's retiring after more than four decades in law enforcement. he join it had fremont department as deputy chief back in 1986. he became chief in 1992. prior to that he served as pied
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minute's police chief. fremont police captain will be taking over as interim chief december 31st. a hayward mother says she thinks someone tried to kill her and her 8-year-old son with a cocktail overnight. it happened about 4:00 a.m.. the woman said she woke up to the sound of breaking gloosz and flames in her living room. firefighter say they found both floors engulfed in flames. investigators say they detected accel rant in the living room. the mother and son did escape unharnled. the arson caused about $170,000 in damage. children returned to the classroom today one day after a pipe bomb was found on campus. police combed the school grounds overnight to make sure that they were safe for students to return. today the principal said she can't believe how lucky they were that the explosive didn't go off. >> because i know that it would have had the ability to knock out the windows and possibly harm people and, you know, we've got 700 little bodies to keep safe. >> now, there are surveillance
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cameras at the front of the school. police say they're reviewing video to see if they offer any clus. police say the pipe bombs at the school were constructed completely differently than the device which blew up inside a pleasant hill mailbox on friday. president obama and house speaker john boehner spoke on the phone this evening to discuss the latest proposals how to avoid the looming fiscal cliff. both sides are feeling the pressure from the nation's top corporate executives. 150 ceos including the heads of boing, honeywell and general electric. they're urging a compromise that includes increased revenue even if it means raising tax rates. more de tails now according to the non-partisan tax foundation the average family of four in the bay area would pay about $74 hun more in taxes if there is no deal on the fiscal cliff. that is a tad lower in san jose. if democrats and republicans don't reach an agreement by the end of this year. on wall street stocks rose for a fifth consecutive day. the dow industrial gained 78
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points, nasdaq gained 35 led by apple's 2% gain. some immigrant students could soon have their dreams of a college education become reality thanks to a big gift to uc berkeley. today uc berkeley announced a $1 million gift to provide scholarships for low-income, undocumented students. the students qualify for state financial aid but not federal grants or loans. undocumented immigrants and counselors say new money will help fill that gap. >> money to go to school, money to, like, you know, pay for your rent, money to buy food. >> what it tells our stunts that if you work hard and you get into uc berkeley, now you have support. >> uc officials say they plan to work with other colleges in california to help them build programs for undocumented students. the biggest tides of the year are rising along the coast this week. the tides expected to peak on thursday, the so-called king tide. we've already been seeing impacts from higher-than-normal tides. the road along the bay was
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flooded this morning. it will likely flood again tomorrow and on thursday. experts say the naturally hof curing king tides will give us an idea what the coastline could look like in the future if water levels rise. a bold jewelry store heist today in a bay area mall. the quick action by police that helped nab the suspect. and a stalemate is cracked. a deal in place for bay area crab fishermen. what they're doing right now to return to the waters and how soon you'll see fresh dungeness. cold air is settling into the bay area and before long so will the rain. when you can expect it to arrive in your area and how much we expect coming up well, well, well.
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of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] . a car fire inside the tunnel snarled traffic for miles during rush hour this morning. it happened around 815 on the oakland side of the tunnel.
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fire crews put out the flames but not before they filled the tunnel with smoke. you can see eastbound traffic stopped completely for a time then limit today one lane. things were back to normal about 9:00 a.m.. just about 15 minutes from now a public meeting will get underway on sexual abuse claims against the school district. the school board is meeting privately right now on the status of three claims and a lawsuit filed by former student kristen. the most recent claim was just announced by the district last month. all four woman say they were sexually abused back in the 1990s. wirt has committed suicide. two suspects are under arrest after a jewelry store robbery at a hayward mall. police say the pair nearly got away with more than $140,000 in jewelry but a swift response by police helped track them down. >> this is one of two men hayward police took into custody today after a robbery and short pursuit in hayward. police say around 12:15 this afternoon a man went inside the mall and took part of a bold robbery. >> one individual went inside the store. he was armed with mace and a
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hammer, smash it had jewelry display case. >> police say the suspect then left the mall and met up with another man waiting in a car outside t. two sped off and were later chased by whufrs caught them a short time later about a mile away. >> vehicle came to a stop in peterman where the vehicle stopped on its own with several units behind them. driver was detained inside the vehicle. >> police say the passenger ran and jumped several fences going to people's back yarsd. this view from chapper 2 shows officer on rooftops looking for the suspect a. half an hour later he was also taken into custody. mall employees say it was a frightening chain of events because the robbery took place right next to santa's workshop where children were taking pictures with santa. police say this time of year robbers like this are on the rise. that's why officers are happy to have these men off the street sgls we want to make sure ultimately that the safety of -- of the people going to the mall feel safe and that we're very please thad we were able to take them into custody. >> the mall has increased its security. police say the suspect may have arrived in a stolen vehicle and left in a separate vehicle.
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both men are now facing charges of robbery and fleeg from the police. in hayward, paul cham bers, ktvu channel 2 news. police if walnut creek are checking the surveillance video taken outside macy's early this morning where thieves broke the glass doors to get inside the store. once inside they smashed display cases and made off with an undisclosed amount of jewelry. the alarm was triggered at the store about 315 but they were not made aware of the incident until just before 4:30. police have not yet explain what had cause thad de lay. at least five homes have been destroyed after a natural gas line explodeed in west virginia. the explosion happened about 10 miles north of charleston just before 1:00 p.m. local time. officials said 50 to 75-foot flames kept firefighters at bay for several hours. the flames spanned about a quarter of a mile and badly damaged part of interstate 77 which has now been closed indefinitely. there have been no report of death so far but several people are being treated for smoke
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inhalation. former nfl commissioner paul has overturn it had suspensions of four current and former new orleans saints players in the league's bounty investigation of the club. the four players implicateed in what the nfl calls a bounty pool that paid cash bonuses for hit that is injure odd poents. tagly boo did find the players' conduct was detrimental to the league but said that the entire case has been contaminated by the coaches and others in the saints organization. yahoo mail is stepping up its game in a bid to catch up to google's g mail. sunnyvale company unveiled a new look for its free e-mail service as well as new e-mail apps for smart phones and tablets. on the company's blog yahoo ceo say it is redesign makes the inbox more intuitive and easier to navigate. used to work at google where she play add key role in gmail. . delta rare line social security buying a big stake in virgin atlantic. $360 million for nearly half of virgin. the deal gives delta a larger share in the new york to london
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route. it should make it easier for travelers to make connections in the u.s. to the uk. delta used to have three flights a day to new york and now with virgin it's going to have nine. the bay area dungeness crab season is suddenly back in business some two weeks after a price stalemate brought boats to a standstill. as rob ross reports crab fishermen now scrambling to get their boats back in the water by morning. >> crab fishermen are getting ready, many are loading squid under their boats today to use as crab bait. some tells us they expect to head out after midnight. >> i'm happy that we're going out to make some money finally. >> crab fishermen in san francisco, half-moon bay and bodega bay stopped fishing last week when whole sailers said they were dropping the price the 2.50 to #237b9 75 a pound but today the wholesalers agreed to the $3 price and crab fishing is back on. >> it was all about the price. we can't fish for less than $3 a pound on this crab, and they got
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enough orders to put us back to work so we're going to go back to work. >> some wholesalers say after thanksgiving, demand for crab dropped forcing the price down. now with the holidays coming, demand is back up. >> they cleared out, you know, all of their inventory so now they're ready to buy more. >> fishermen's wharf famous for crab, restaurants kept a little secret. the crab was frozen not fresh. >> fresh dungeness crab has a salty texture to it. delicious. >> memorylys of frozen crab should soon melt away once fresh crab comes in by the boat load. >> get their bred ripped up and shard nay cold. it's time for the party season. >> the first boat should be returning some time tomorrow night and fishermen say there should be plenty of fresh crab for the holidays. in san francisco, rob ross ktvu channel 2 news. new jersey girls called easy bake ovens more boyfriendly is getting some big mf name
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backing. 13-year-old pope made the plea because her four-year-old brother liked the toy. it only comes in purple and pink, you know, girl colors. now some big-name chefs are adding their voices to a you tube campaign for gender neutral oven. thanks to the work of san francisco firefighters. santa met with girls and boys in the city hall rotunda today along with mayor ed lee. firefighters handed out basketballs, dolls and toys to other low-income families. fire officials say this year demand with us up 15%. donors can still drop off toys at any city fire house. within just hours catholics everywhere will have a new way to connect with the pope. coming up his big step into the 21st century thanks to a pop yu rar bay area based service and get ready for more wet weather. meteorologist rose mary orozco is tracking when the next rain
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fall should arrive and which parts of the bay area will be the wettest
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. investigators say that heavy fog contributed to a chain reaction crash that shut down a connecter ramp between two highways in slau know county. this happened just after 6:30 this morning when a driver slamed into the side of a car trying to make a u-turn between
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i-80 and highway 113. a big rig approaching the crash slammed on the brakes spilling its load and springing a leak in its fuel tank. in all no one was injured. yesterday here at 7:00 meteorologist rosemary orozco talked about some changes which we are definitely feeling tonight. oh, yeah. for most of us not the rant just yet but you have definitely noticed the change in our temperatures. it is cool out there already started this afternoon and anywhere from five to 15 degrees cooler than where we were 24 hours ago so getting into the evening hours, it's going to be a chilly one and the next couple of days you may need that winter coat. given a live look at storm tracker 2, you can see mostly gray skies, a few little spots of rainfalling over parts of the bay area but this is where we're seeing steady light rain at this point. it's all the way down into hils burg, windsor, areas near gurn vil and right there off the coastline at bodega bay so this will continue to slide south and east over the course of the evening hours. the system remains here, and i want to show you the speckled
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cloud cover. that is very cold air that will be pulling in behind the rain. we will continue to see the scattered showers move through tonight into tomorrow and then it will be the cold left behind. temperatures right now sitting in the 50s. 56 in oakland, 50 in napa, 54, 54 half-moon bay, 52 degrees in livermore. as we move into the evening hours, we're settling in with some light rainfalling over part of the north bay down to about the golden gate i-80 at 9:00 or so. 10:00 it shifts over the central bay and then it slides into the south baby 11:00. here's something, though, take a look. tomorrow morning we may wake up with scattered showers and sunshine so it's going to be a chilly start but looks like the morning drive won't be so bad and then into the evening hours so showers will be tapering auchlt anywhere from a quarter inch or less so moisture starved the system is as cold as it is, snow will be falling down to about 3,000 feet. the hills in the higher elevations could pick up a little bit more than a quarter inch but for most of us perhaps a tenth or two is what we will
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see with this system. overnight lows are going to be chilly and as we start tomorrow morning, 40 degrees in santa rosa, 47 for oakland, #w45 in mountain view. afternoon highs going to be cool, low to mid 50s in the forecast so make sure you bring along a jacket, bundle up the kids tomorrow for school. your extended forecast shows you chilly weather will remain as well as unsettled weather all the way into the weekend where we have the possibility of sprinkles on saturday and it looks like morning showers on sunday. gasia. thank you, rosemary. in the wee hour of the morning, pope benedict the 16th is schedule today send out his first tweet. the vatican say it is pope plans to tweet between 2:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. pacific time wednesday, which is noon in roam. he's expect today answer questions about faith t. vatican already has an account with the san francisco-based company and huns of thousands of followers but this new account is expected to be more personal. thank you for trusting ktvu chanlt 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news and tonight questions about a delayed police response
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after a robber used a sledge hammer to break into a bay area macy's store today and may have used that same tool to break cases containing watchs and jewelry. we're always here for you at tmz is up next right here on tv 36
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